Pražský Žonglérský Marathon 2014 (Czechia)

   When I was in Germany I found information about Pražský Žonglérský Marathon, a juggling convention that is organized each year in Praha (Czech). I got to arrive the first night. I had the opportunity to act in the Gala Show and I'm very happy with the result.
   I wasn't easy to read and write a lot of participants' names because I must copy the letters with special accent that my keyboard hasn't. I hope I did it well.

   10 nationalities: Comores, Czech, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Romania, Senegal, Slovakia, Spain and Ukrainie.

   · Photos: 73.
   · Date: 2014/11/21-23.
   · Place: Praha (Czech).
   · Music: Roger Subirana:
        -  Tears of a Smile (2013 XII).